Way to Get RICH in 2023

A huge shift is happening that 99 of you are not even noticing. If you Way to Get RICH in 2023 take advantage, you print money, and if you don’t, you end up struggling. Which side do you want to be on? The World Economic Forum released a report on the future of jobs in India, according to which 23% of the jobs that exist today won’t even be required in the next five years. 69 million new jobs According to the report, 69 million new jobs will be created in the next five years, but the skills required to thrive in these new jobs

will be much different. If you are in college right now, it is possible that by the time you graduate, you will already be a digital dinosaur. The skills needed to survive in the new world are going to be much different, and that is the future of AI in society, where you don’t need an art designer; you can use Adobe Firefly mid-journey or UIS; you don’t need to code everything yourself; you can use Codium, GitHub, Copilot X, and many more. You don’t need to hire a tutor to learn English; you can use You don’t need video editors or a VFX team; you can already use Runway ML render. Dynamics did describe that you don’t need to take notes in online classes; you can use fireflies.ai. You don’t need to buy music; you can create your own using Sound Draw. You don’t need to write everything yourself; you can use Copy AI, Sonic, and many others. You don’t even need to spend hours making PowerPoints yourself; you can use the Tome app.

So instead of being extremely good at 10 different things, what you need to master are two basic skills: number one, your communication skills. How well are you able to articulate what you want to say both in writing and while communicating with someone? I already have videos on how to speak effectively. How to write effectively is just a skill that you will develop over time with practice, so you must write every single day, be it good or bad.

Just start writing, and the second skill is your ability to use computer science and AI to build tools. I’ve already made a video on the resources you can take to learn computer science and AI the complete roadmap but you first need to get into the mindset that you need to win in this new economy but if you see the news around you you will notice that prices of things like even tomatoes are now 100 rupees per kg and everything around you is just getting more expensive every single day in fact 10 years ago

I remember going to the kiranewala to get some bread for about 20 to 30 rupees that same pack of bread is now selling for 50 to 60 rupees today and if you look at the median salaries of freshers in TCS Infosys Wipro and other it companies in India they have almost remained stagnated or even less than what they were offering previously inflation is burning a hole in your pocket but the answer is not to cut Corners: It is not to eat cheap quality food; it is not to have a cheap standard of living; it is to raise your living by raising your income. No, I’m not talking about selling your time for some extra pennies after you come home from work.

I also know that most of you are freshmen or in college and you don’t have a property that you can rent out to someone and make some passive money. I’m not even talking about affiliate marketing or some other scheme like that to generate passive income while you sleep. It’s none of that. The best way to create wealth and increase your income is by building assets that you own and that work for you. Don’t believe me? Go to Twitter and search this hashtag: hashtag build in public. What you will see are the poses of Indie hackers.

People who are running one person businesses have built some tool and are documenting their journey of growing it from scratch completely bootstrap now they’ve automated their businesses using the tools I’ve talked about previously in this video and they are just focusing on building the product and growing it to get to a sufficient Revenue no they don’t want to raise money they don’t want to be in the business of creating millions of dollars of Revenue they just want enough money to sustain their lifestyle

So that they can be free from everything around them free from the loans free from the buy now pay later schemes free from all the emis that they have to pay they can focus all their time and effort with their loved ones there are plenty of posts of people making ten thousand dollars mrr that is about eight lakh rupees every single month and they are living a very good life very comfortable life around

The world traveling meeting people having that freedom just because they’ve built tools using their computer science and AI skills that people use around the world no they did not invent something new right they just found out what is working in the ecosystem right now they tweaked it a bit and launched multiple products that other people can try and it will grow organically without them having to run ads burn money

It is completely organic bootstrapped way to make thousands of dollars of mrr every single month by the way what is MRI right mrr is monthly recurring Revenue this is a term that you will see in SAS based software software as a service right these are basically tools that you can use that are built by software and you can complete a particular task they normally work on description Revenue basis in which you will subscribe to it every single month and it will be deducted from your account some money

Way to Get RICH

will be directed from your account and that is how this whole model Works Once you get them in for an annual plan, you don’t have to worry about them leaving you or you having less money than next month. Of course, they can ask for refunds, but that doesn’t happen in the majority of cases.

There are tons of builders that you can find on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Check out Peter Levels, and this podcast he did on my first million podcast will give you great insights into building tools using AI and CS skills that people will use and that will get you your true freedom in life.

I myself am trying to build my own, and I will be sharing more updates on that later, but this is an amazing one-person business model that all of you should look at and understand how it works. So, long story short, the future belongs to those who can use their Cs and AI skills to run one-person businesses that can get them their freedom to travel the world, meet people, and truly be free from everything around them.

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