How to Convert Your PDF File to PowerPoint | PDF to PPT

Hi guys! Today we’ll see how you can Convert Your PDF File to PowerPoint Presentation, or PPT. Let’s say you have a PDF file and you want to convert it into a PPT. If you open PowerPoint, this is our PDF file. Let’s open it. This is the content of our PDF file. If you try to open this in our PowerPoint, you can see that we are unable to open it. This is because PowerPoint does not support the PDF file format. To convert a PDF file to PPT, first, you need to upload your file to a tool called Adobe Acrobat.

This is the tool by Adobe that is going to help us convert the PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation, so to get the tool, just click the link.

And it will take you to this page. Now just drag the PDF file that you want to convert into PPT and drop it here. As you can see, the PDF file has been converted into PPT. Once you have done that, you can download this file on your computer and view it on your PowerPoint. To download it, just click download. You can see that the PPT file has been downloaded. Now let’s open it.

and the file will open automatically in PowerPoint. So now that we have successfully converted our PDF file into a PPT, you can now open any page that you want. Not only this, but you can also edit the content of this file easily. So to do that, let’s click enable editing here, and it will take you to the editing mode. Now let’s say you want to edit this text. To do that, all you have to do is just select the text and start typing your own text. In the same way, you can edit any text you want on this PPT.

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