What is ICT in 2023

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What is ICT

ICT: In order to gain an idea or knowledge about something, information is actually defined as the presentation of various data related to it in a logical manner. And the collection, integration, storage, processing, and exchange of all information through computer and telecommunication systems is called information technology. On the other hand, communication technology is the related technology of information exchange systems between computers or any electronic device.

Broadly speaking, the technology used to generate, store, process, and transmit any kind of information is called ICT or Information Communication Technology.

Information technology and communication are closely related to each other. According to the Information and Communication Technology Policy of Bangladesh, Information and Communication (ICT) is “any technology used for the generation, storage, processing, transmission, and dissemination of information”.
At present, the Right to Information Act has been made based on this information technology.

What is ICT?

ICT is the creation, storage, and processing of information through something called ICT.
Elements of Information Technology

The fundamentals currently used in information technology are:

  1. Computers and related equipment
  2. Computing
  3. Radio, television, fax
  4. Audio Video
  5. Satellite
  6. Computer network
  7. Modern telecommunications
  8. Modem etc

Department of ICT

  • Information storage technology.
  • Information exchange or information communication (telecommunications, computer networks, Internet technology.
  • Information processing technology
  • Storing and providing accurate information.
  • The convenience of transportation. More variety your ICT importance is immense.
  • (e-learning) is gaining momentum in the field of education.

ICT Tools

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Data
  • Skilled Manpower
  • Process
  • Network

ICT in the Global Economy

Current global ICT pricing is valued at US$3.5 trillion. The stock market grows at a rate of 5% every year. This price doubles every January 15th.

The percentage of total impact in various areas of ICT is as follows:

  • 31% – Personal expenses (domestic).
  • 29% – Expenditure on the software sector (external).
  • 26% – Expenditure on the hardware sector (external).
  • 14% – external service providers.

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