Roblox crashing after playing bloxburg here’s why & if it can be fixed

if your Roblox has been crashing or is crashing you’re not the only one thousands of luxury players have been experiencing their game crashing very frequently more than usual even without McDonald’s Wi-Fi this all started happening on Friday the 7th of July and has affected the majority of mobile players of bloxburg even for some people on laptops like me you may have also noticed you’re walking and jumping animation have set to default tested to see if it was only neighborhoods but it happens to be in public service as well

this crash seems to only be happening in a few games including Bed Wars Jailbreak and of course, Bloomberg so don’t be worried you’re not the only one facing this issue this seems to be a cross-Roblox platform issue as a developer stated here of course this will eventually be fixed the question is then let me know if the game is still crashing for you or has been resolved

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